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The Public Sex Collection: Twenty Erotica Stori...
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Public sex stories are some of the absolutely best-selling audiobooks, and it´s no wonder at all. The whole idea of sex in public where somebody could see is so alluring that it makes for incredible stories! This collection of twenty public sex stories from Naughty Daydreams Press is sure to please, so get ready for some fun - right out in the open! What if somebody sees? What if somebody takes a picture? What if somebody hears and investigates? Ah, the possibilities! 1. "Taken at the Truck Stop: A BDSM First Anal Sex Short" by Tracy Bond 2. "This Bride Doesn´t Blush: A Wedding Sex First Gangbang Erotica Story" by Nancy Brockton 3. "We Want Some of That: An Outdoor Slut Wife Gangbang Short" by Julie Bosso 4. "Double Penetration in the Tent: An MMF Anal Threesome Sex Encounter" by D.P. Backhaus 5. "Bent Over in Public on a Blind Date: A Reluctant Public Sex Erotica Story" by Debbie Brownstone 6. "Weekend with My Husband´s Friends: A Slutty Wife Erotica Story" by Cindy Jameson 7. "Reluctant Rail: A Very Rough Gangbang Short" by Veronica Halstead 8. "Jasmine Auctioned Off for Training: A First BDSM Erotica Story" by Tracy Bond 9. "Slammed in the Sand: A Very Rough MFF Threesome Public Sex Short by Stacy Reinhardt" 10. "Banging the Bride in Front of Everyone: A Public Wedding Sex Gangbang Erotica Story" by Nancy Brockton 11. "Alleyway Sex in Italy: A Public Sex Short" by Jane Kemp 12. "Sex Survivor: F--cked on the Beach: A Rough Public Sex Erotica Story" by Julie Bosso 13. "Two Cocks for the Camp Counselor: A MMF Menage Outdoor Sex Double Penetration Erotica Story" by D.P. Backhaus 14. "Hitting the Road: Threesome Camping Trip - Episode Two" by Cindy Jameson 15. "Off the Meter: A Rough and... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sapphire Rose. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Hotwife Lexi Takes The BBC Challenge - Book 2 o...
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The Dare Bucket Challenge continues! Willie, Lexis gorgeous BBC lover, takes her bareback in a crowded bar, and shares her with another man. Then she discovers an antique truck filled with old bondage gear, and the Challenges veers into new directions. Can she survive being gangbanged by Willie and his big black-and very horny-friends? ----- PG Excerpt ----- We met Willie at the same bar he and I had been in the last time. We didnt go in, just met in front. Lexi greeted Willie with her arms around his neck and a warm, lingering kiss. I was ignored by both. Ill be riding with Willie, honey. You can follow us, Lexi said, barely looking at me. I had a terrible time even finding their car. I pulled in behind them just in time to see Lexis head disappear in the direction of Willies lap. When we pulled up in front of a rundown house in a marginal part of town, my emotions were ranging from remorse to elation. I was having a hard time catching my breath, and my skin felt like it was burning. At the same time, I was sporting a hard tube running down the inside of my left thigh. Willie got out of his car and went around to open Lexis door. At first, I thought he was a gentleman until Lexi bolted from the car and ran to the front door without clothing, holding herself, so she wouldnt bounce. Willie let her stand by the front door until I joined them, carrying all my gear. Only then did he open the door for us. The inside was just as bad as the outside-worn out furniture surrounded by empty beer cans and liquor bottles. Sitting on the furniture were five black men. Some were wearing jeans and wife-beater t-shirts, a few wore only their boxers. I had the camera running, holding it in my hand as they all turned to look at us. Lexi tried to cover herself with an arm and a hand. Her face and chest were bright red as Willie pulled her into him from the side. This is our entertainment, Lexi, he said as my wife rubbed against him. Shes ready for us, arent you? Lexi could only blush a deeper red as she was pushed into the center of the room. She tried to cover up again, but Willie pulled her arms back, restraining her so she was exposed, helpless to the room. As he pushed my wife forward, he introduced everybody. This is Randy, James, LeRoy, DeMarcus, and Russell. They each stepped forward and circled my wife. You be careful of Russell, we call him the horse. My wife was led into the bedroom and laid out on the bed and I followed with the video camera. Lexi didnt seem uncomfortable as Randy spread her legs to expose her to the men. As he started licking her, my wife was distracted by the men stripping and surrounding her. The only man to keep his boxers on was Russell, but it was obvious that he was massive. His underwear couldnt contain him. Each of the men were above-average in size, but Russell made me afraid for my wife. I watched as she took turns kissing each of them as Randy continued to work on her. I was having second and maybe even third thoughts about my wife being the center of a black gang. Randy was the first with my wife, spreading her open as Lexi groaned around the man in her mouth and moving her hips to take more of him. Using his hands to pin her to the bed, Randy set a slow pace as he used her. Each time he pulled back he shown with my wifes juices. He didnt have time to finish as he was quickly pushed aside. Willie was in the same slow pace mood as he thrust himself inside without giving my wife a chance to prepare herself for him. She sucked in her breath before whimpering at the sudden intrusion.

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