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Baby Sings the Boos , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 140min
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Funny. Quirky. Often outrageous. The Cowboy´s Baby teams up with the Boo-Done-It Dog in Baby Sings the Boos. Small town mayhem perpetrated across Texas, from the author of The Cowboy´s Baby and Talking to the Dead Guys. Their antics will leave you smiling. Or even laughing. From ´´Boo-Hoo Who!´´ The sound of a vehicle door opening was like opium to their dog Boo. Police car, garbage truck, animal control van, serial killer in a stolen pickup, it made no difference to Boo. She´d jump in with anyone. ´´Name´s Corey Smith,´´ the serial killer said, introducing himself with a smile aimed over Boo´s back straight at Flannery Sommers. And from ´´Deja Boo All Over Again´´ The Friday night preview feature of the local comic-con wasn´t worth the gasoline it took to bring them there. Until Baby arrived. They had Baby in a muzzle contraption and were escorting him down the hall toward the fountain as if he were Hannibal Lecter. Olive could tell the exact moment Baby saw Boo by the gasp of the crowd. Then by the bull´s bellow and Boo´s scream. Baby bellowed like the bull he was. Boo bayed like the wolf she wasn´t. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Steve Cook. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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