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The Best of Car Talk, The Stingy Man Spends the...
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This week on The Best of Car Talk, Richie tried to save money on oil changes by installing a dual-filtration system on his truck. The resulting acrid smoke seems to prove Tom and Ray’s mantra that, ´´It’s the stingy man who pays the most.” Elsewhere, Mare’s husband accidentally inflated their tires to 90 PSI. Should Mare get rid of the tires, or her husband? Also, Scott’s beloved ´´Uncle Know-it-All´´ gave him some questionable transmission advice, so he’s turning to two Know-Nothings; John’s trying to slow down his lead-foot son by putting blocks of wood under the gas pedal; and did you know that William Shakespeare was Italian? Neither did we, but Tom and Ray seem to think he was. There’s much ado about a whole lot of nothing, this week on The Best of Car Talk. [Broadcast Date: April 4, 2015] 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tom Magliozzi, Ray Magliozzi. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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