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Modarri Team Sharkz - Monster Truck
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The Team Sharkz TURBO Monster Truck is no fish out of water. Inspired by one of our most feared ocean predators, with shark skin graphics, oversized wheels and spoiler frame, this land shark is designed to be as aggressive as it is fast. Swap out the Great White R1 Muscle hood and fender with the extra S1 Street hood or C1 Concept fender for any number of intimidating combinations (12 total interchangeable parts on this truck). Whether PRO or TURBO, with our modular building system every hood, frame and fender is interchangeable across ever Modarri car or Monster Truck. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts for easy on-the-go customization. Collect them all for hours of open-ended, imaginative play. (Note: TURBO Monster Truck Chassis are a separate platform from Modarri Delux PRO Chassis, and the wheels and seats do not interchange with those cars, but all hoods, fenders and frames do.) Each Pack Includes: Light Grey Monster Truck chassis Tiger Shark R1 hood Tiger Shark S1 Fender Yellow Rally Cage Frame (plastic) Hammerhead S1 hood Hammerhead C1 Fender 4 Large soft rubber tires (interchangeable with other trucks) 4 Rims (interchangeable with other trucks) Hex Tool

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